Jun 25, 2014

Selamat tinggal Muar, 3 tahun.

Feb 28, 2014

I'm taking a chance, making a change, taking a risk out of love. I kept building walls, repel everyone who try to get in. I hope I made a good decision, by choosing you.

Dec 24, 2013

Shits That Happen

It has been nearly 3 weeks after the biggest flood in Kuantan since twelve years ago. I was there during 2001's flood. God, it was such a disaster. Everything was destroyed. And the cleaning process was crazy. My house is in the most affected area. Everyone experiences a total lost. It was a devastation.
Since I was a kid, aku di ajar setiap apa yang berlaku ada hikmah. Allah SWT takkan uji melebihi kemampuan kita dan kekadang apa yang berlaku tu tanda Allah nak tunjuk silap kita. So that we learn from our mistakes. It is sad when there's some individuals who cannot accept their fate. Acting irrelevantly, pointing fingers to others. Why ?.Banjir kat Kuantan sebab Pakatan Rakyat menang election instead of Barisan Nasional ? To hell with your bullshit. This is fate, whether you can accept it or not. I was working in a government clinic, and there's this Pakcik. Yang mengaitkan kelambatan mak dia diperiksa dengan politik. I iz sad. Why this is even happening ? It's not about politics. This is selfishness. Self centered person yang rasa dengan bayaran RM1, dia boleh dapat first class treat. Masya Allah. I cannot brain these kind of people. 
Salahkah aku kalau aku tanya mana kesopanan dan kesusilaan dia ? Ke saya nak suruh dia keluar dari Malaysia terus ? Sebab orang Melayu kan sopan. 

P/S ; Oh yeah, I am being sarcastic.

Kenapa ?

Why is it so hard to tell the truth ? I mean the exact thing you feel about something. Why make it so complicated ? Persetan apa orang fikir. Janji apa terbuku dalam benak tu dapat terluah. So save yourself some regret and speak out. Trust me, it's not that hard. You just have to tell it the right way. I mean you're an adult, you should know how. Kalau tak, sampai bila-bila, kau takkan voice out apa kau rasa.

Dec 19, 2013

Qoutes of the day

"Relationships are messy and people's feelings get hurt. We're young, might as well have fun while we can and save the serious stuff for later." - Summer Finn

Buat apa bercinta, kalau kau tahu kau memang takkan kahwin dengan dia ? - Aainaa

Dec 16, 2013

One Last Look

24/11/2013, 1.14AM, Melaka

Mungkin ini saja yang termampu, mungkin ini saja yang boleh terluang. Sebab masing-masing faham betapa susutnya poket. Tapi satu yang kami ada, masa. Masa untuk gembira, sesama sendiri, yang tinggal sisa. 
Because, the only things we regret are the chances we never took.